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Security Solutions

We wish to provide organisations with the best possible Internet solutions for their businesses. We are conscious of the fact that the Internet is an open network that provides a vast landscape of information but with this comes risks. Those risks are largely determined by what information you store and process as part of your Internet footprint.

You may for instance provide an informative web site about a specific topic, lets say "healthy living". This type of site rarely contains information that could be damaging to your business if the web site was compromised and the sources files were stolen. What however, if the web site was an online ordering portal for computer peripherals. This is much more of a risk as it is likely to store personal information about customers, important business information, even credit card details. A compromise here would be damaging and more than likely cost a significant amount in fines, compensation to customers or very likely a private legal challenge from a customer.

Therefore we always encourage our customers to choose the right security protection for the data you process. This is where you might consider a risk assessment to determine how important your data is and whether or not your risk is small or significant. A rule of thumb is that if you manage and maintain a database it is likely you are storing personal information and need to consider the risks associated with doing so.


 Below is a list of some of the security solutions we offer and what they can achieve in protecting your data:

Software Antivirus
Will scan your webspace for known viruses and is used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software. Scans are done weekly.
£5 per month
Remote Network Scan
Will scan your web site for known network vulnerabilities and produce a report that can be used to improve your web site security. Scans are done monthly.
£15 per month
Software Firewall
Will limit traffic to only a predetermined number of ports and services on your web site.
£100 setup & £5 per month
Hardware Firewall
Will limit traffic to only a predetermined number of ports and services on your web site along with offering intrusion detection and protection against certain types of common attacks.
Typically £700 setup with £20 per month (min contract 3 years)
Web Application Firewall
Is a hardware device that sits between your web site and the Internet and filters data to and from your web site. Most hacking attempts and breaches are achieve by poor web site design with little to no security built into the web pages. By utilizing a Web Application Firewall it monitors all data transferred to and from the Internet and flags an error should it not meet the expected criteria for the data. For instance if a hacker was trying to post a series of numbers to a particular field on your web site (say the Surname on a web form) then it would know to block this attempt as you would not expect someone's name to have a number in it.
Typically £4000 setup with £150 per month (min contract 3 years)
Intrusion Prevention
This is a hardware device that sits between your web site and the Internet. It is a real-time monitoring device that will block illicit activity when it conform to a certain set of known network compromises. These devices are very good at blocking sustain hacking attacks where someone is trying a random password to access your account.
 Typically £2000 setup with £150 per month (min contract 3 years)
Software designed and built at Total Web Solutions that encrypts any data either in a database, over the network or stored in your web space. By encrypting your data using our utilities, ensures only you or your application is able to decrypt and view it.
Application Security Review
We can run several security scanning tools against your web site to highlight where there are holes in your security. We want to make it as difficult as possible for a hacker to gain access to your data and by highlighting and closing these security holes will improve your sites security significantly. We would produce a report detailing where you can improve security. We would expect this review to be conducted yearly or after any significant change to your web site.
 £150 one-off (As your web site is in a state of flux we recommend this service at least annually)
Penetration Test
With your permission we will attempt to hack into your web site and highlight any holes in your application security. This is a more extensive review of security and takes place over one or two days. Penetration Tests are meant to replicate what a real hacker might do to obtain access to your data.

Please contact sales to discuss possible solutions to complement your hosting and other services to ensure you have the maximum protection available for your data.

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